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3 PM - 6 PM

KAVA SOL is Cleveland's 1st east side botanical bar offering alcohol-free alternative drinks in a tropical, boho setting. Our drinks will leave you feeling relaxed, elevated, and closer to your truth.  Spreading love and fostering connection while creating inclusion for all is our mission. Come see what we are all about and what alternatives can do for you!

July Events

Kava Drinks, Non-alcoholic cocktails, nonalcoholic bar with Kava and Kratum

Kava Happy Hour

New extended daily kava happy hour
featuring $1 off craft offerings, $2 off shells, and $1 off Leilos

Everyday from 3pm to 6pm

Open Mic Night with Kava Sol Events

Open Mic Night

From music to comedy, the mic is open all night long! Hosted by Nick Zuber

Every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm

Book club Cleveland Northeast Ohio Book club Kava nonalcoholic bar

Book Club

This month we are reading 

“The Power of Now”

Every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm


Our Why. 

Kava Sol was founded by Lindsay Kronk, a Cleveland native who found kava as a wonderful alternative to help ease anxiety, increase focus, and elicit meaningful conversation with friends and family. It became something she craved more than a glass of wine because of its amazing effects, and she began to explore the world of N/A offerings.

What's New with Kava Sol?

Nonalcoholic bar in Cleveland Northeast Ohio Willoughy Ohio Nonalcoholic Kava Bar Kratum Drinks

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Discovering Kava as a
Non-alcoholic Alternative

What does kava have to offer as an a non-alcoholic alternative? Learn how kava can aid in better sleep, alleviating stress and anxiety, as well as its reverse tolerance.

Local Kava Bar Serving Northeast, Ohio

Kava Sol is a kava bar based in Willoughby, Ohio, proudly serving North Olmsted, Lakewood, Mentor, and more.

Kava Sol owner pouring kava for a group to drink

The History Behind Kava

Used in ceremony for thousands of years, kava is made from the dried roots of the Piper methysticum plant, a member of the black pepper family. It is the Pacific Islanders' alternative to alcohol, fostering deep connection and socialization among family and friends.

Jenna D.

“What a wonderful hidden gem!! The kava drinks are so delicious, and the staff is so friendly and welcoming. . . This is a great non-alchoholic option for a fun evening."
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