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Choose from a variety of our botanical kava and kratom drinks featuring delicious flavors such as tropical pineapple and coconut, relaxing chai tea and almond milk, decadent chocolate and cold brew, and bright citrus. With such a wide variety of mocktails and non-alcoholic options, there's something for everyone.

Kava Sol Menu | Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Willoughby, OH

Spring Break '24

No need to travel for that spring break feel! Try our delicious, limited time menu featuring tons of fresh fruit!


Key West Colada | 11

Choice of kratom tea*, lime juice, coconut cream, vanilla, orange juice. Think Key Lime Pie!

Lucky Libation | 11

Choice of kratom tea*, house brewed kava tea, matcha, peppermint, oat milk, agave

Tiger Milk | 11

House brewed kava tea, cardamom syrup, mango nectar, coconut milk

Spring Orchard | 11

Choice of kratom tea*, leilo kava extract, ginger syrup, orange juice, cranberry

Spicy Mitra Margarita | 11

Choice of kratom tea*, lime juice, jalapeno cilantro syrup, orange juice

Don't Call Me
Shirley | 11

Choice of kratom tea*, grenadine, ginger ale... Think Shirley temple!

Spring Sangria | 11

House brewed kava tea, choice of kratom*, Three Spirits Livener, blackberry vanilla syrup, fruit

Customer Favorite Add-Ons:

Add Leilo kava extract to any drink | 5

Add 2 oz of Kratom tea | 2

Add Three Spirit to any drink | 4

Elevate Any Offering

+2 oz of Kava or Kratom | 2

+1 oz of Three Spirit | 4

+1 oz of Elderberry | 3

Leilo Extract or Warlock | 5

House Signature Drinks | 11

Craft Offerings 

Kava Rooted

Kava Sol

House kava, mango nectar, pineapple, soda water. Includes feeling of positive presence. 

Bulletproof Kava

Leilo kava extract, house coffee, MCT oil, Ghee, real maple syrup. Time to focus!


House kava, Scoot cold brew or Chai tea, almond milk, maple. Good morning!


House kava, pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut cream. Tastes like a tropical vacation!

Self Care

House kava, chocolate syrup, grenadine, choice of milk.

+ Cold Brew |  1


House brewed kava tea, house made coconut cream, orange juice

Ginger Bliss

House brewed kava tea, house made ginger syrup, maple, oat milk

Kratom Based


Your choice of kratom tea*, choice of homemade syrup, soda water. 

Earl Grey Day

Choice of kratom tea*, blackberry vanilla syrup, served warm! Pair with Warlock or Elderberry Syrup!


Yin & Yang

Feel Free botanical tonic, pineapple juice, soda water. Our #1 seller!

Purple Haze

Leilo kava extract, choice of kratom tea*, blueberry syrup, coconut water. Great for before the gym!

Hot Toddy

Three Spirit Night Cap, choice of kratom tea*, honey, lemon

Pura Vide

Leilo kava extract, green & red kratom tea, mango nectar, ginger syrup, OJ, pineapple, coconut water +4

Bonus Botanicals

Day Break

Choice of Three Spirit botanical spirit, ginger beer, lime. Hint: Great with kratom tea*!

Good for the Sol

Choose 'Mood' or 'Relax' Witches Brew Kava blend. Sweet tea taste. Can be served hot or cold.


Ora brand ceremonial cacao, choice of milk, choice of sweetener. A nice warm hug.

Three Spirit Wine

Choice of Spark or Sharp...

Glass | 9   OR   Bottle | 40


What is Kava?

Used in ceremony for thousands of years, kava is made from the dried roots of the Piper methysticum plant, a member of the black pepper family. It is the Pacific Islanders' alternative to alcohol, fostering deep connection and socialization among family and friends.

What does Kava taste like?

Since kava is made from root water and derived from the black pepper family, it tends to have an earthy and peppery flavor.We recommend trying kava more than once to get used to the taste!

*Our katrom tea contains cinnamon & lemon juice. Please make your kavatender aware of any allergies.

Craft Your Own Experience | 29

Choose 2 Craft Offerings (listed above) + Shot of Three Spirits (Night Cap, Social, Livener)

Includes: Souvenir intention card & crystal


Back to the Roots


Relax | Collaborate | Connect

Kava by the shell

Half | 4   or   Full | 8

Kava straight up! Served in a coconut shell w/ a pineapple garnish.

Carafe | 40

Share with friends! Includes (6) 8 oz pours and coconut shells!

Kava Bomb

Kratom Shot | 7   OR   Three Spirit Shot | 10

Keep it Simple

Leilo Kava Seltzer | 8

Odyssey Mushroom Elixir | 6

Feel Free | 15

Three Spirit Shot | 8

Night Cap, Social, Livener

Forage Kombucha | 4

Cold Brew | 8

Ginger Beer | 4

Coffee | 4

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