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Kavatender pouring leilo lite into a lielo glass

Discovering Kava as a
Non-Alcoholic Alternative

Kava Improves the Quality of Sleep

Frequently drinking alcohol can impact your natural sleep cycle, leaving you feeling restless and sluggish. Compared to alcohol, kava aids in better sleep quality. This is due to the kavalactones, which work to create calming sensations without disrupting your body’s natural REM cycle.

Kava Helps Reduce Anxiety

While alcohol can be used to temporarily relieve stress, greater consumption can lead to more anxiety and worsen pre-existing conditions. In terms of relief, kava has been known for its alleviating qualities and has been commonly used as a way to treat anxiety disorders.

Kava Sol orange tropical drink

Kava Has a Reverse Tolerance

Alcohol mixers, shot glass, etc.

Did you know that kava has a reverse tolerance? Unlike coffee and alcohol that require more to feel an effect with more frequent use, kava is the opposite. The more regularly you drink kava, the less you need to feel the relaxing effects. This is because the body absorbs kavalactones over time, which are responsible for giving off relaxing sensations.

Non-Alcoholic Doesn’t
Mean Non-feeling

Many non-alcoholic drinks on the market mimic the taste of an alcoholic beverages, but don’t mimic the feeling alcohol delivers. Kava, incorporates an altered state through herbals and botanicals while cutting out the negative effects of alcohol like hangovers and impairment.

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