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Outside Kava Sol Nonalcoholic bar

5 Healthy Spots to Try in Northeast Ohio

From nutritious smoothies to a wholesome dinner with vegan and gluten free options, North-East Ohio has so many amazing options! Here’s a list of our 5 favorites including tips and tricks, menu favs, and a little bit about each!

1. Kava Sol | Nonalcoholic, Botanical Kava Bar

Open: Tuesday  - Thursday (10 am- 9 pm),  Friday - Saturday (10 am - 10 pm), and Sunday (10 am- 6 pm)

Address: 4055 Erie St Rear, Willoughby, OH 44094

Kava Sol is a nonalcoholic, botanical kava bar that recently opened its doors in Downtown Willoughby in June 2023.  Kava Sol is the place to go if you’re looking for a healthy, alcohol-free space dedicated to creating meaningful conversations and following ceremonial tradition. Catch a plant buzz and learn about the indigenous history behind the kava and kratom cocktails. Currently, Kava Sol offers 12 signature drinks from the fan-favorite, tropical Vacation Cocktail to the energizing Bulletproof Kava coffee. 

Pro Tip: Come for the drinks, but stay for the fun! 

Kava Sol hosts a ton of social events throughout the week, such as open mic night every Tuesday from 6 - 9 pm, breathwork sessions, reiki, Buti yoga, and more. Kava Sol also welcomed its new book club in September, which will hold meetings every Thursday from 5 - 7 pm. There’s plenty to do here, and it’s a welcoming space for connections and new friendships to flourish.

Bula! Kava drink kratum drink nonalcoholic bar in cleveland ohio northeast ohio willoughby

(Kava Sol, Branding Pics (OneDrive), Vacation Cocktail, @KavaSol on Instagram from June 23, 2023) 

Happy Hour Discounts!

Be sure to visit Kava Sol for happy hour, which is every day between 3 - 5 pm for $1 off Lieilo kava cans, $6 house kava shells, and $1 off all craft offerings.

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