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Kava drink in a wooden cup

The History Behind Kava

Kava Sol owner pouring drink at Kava Sol Nonalcoholic Bar

What is Kava?

Used in ceremony for thousands of years, kava is made from the dried roots of the Piper methysticum plant, a member of the black pepper family. It is the Pacific Islanders' alternative to alcohol, fostering deep connection and socialization among family and friends.

How is Kava Used?

The Piper methysticum plant grows for nearly 5 years. Once fully grown, kava is harvested for its roots that are used to make teas, extracts, or in some cases chewed on right out of the ground!

Main Benefits of Kava

Kava has been known for its relaxing, anti-anxiety effects. This non-alcoholic drink naturally elevates your mood through the release of kavalactones, which are compounds that act on the brain to create feelings of relaxation. 

What Does Kava Taste Like?

Since kava is made from root water and derived from the black pepper family, it tends to have an earthy and peppery flavor. We recommend trying kava more than once to get used to the taste!

Two cups of kava at Kava Sol Nonalcoholic bar
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